Why work at AllForU?


My time at AllForU has been incredibly positive and valuable. At AllForU, we value the opinions of every individual. Asking challenging questions and coming up with creative solutions are more than welcome. This explains why the AllForU team has such a strong synergy and work culture.
Working with AllForU has been exciting and fun at the same time. Every day, there are new challenges and growth opportunities which I can solve with the help of the AllForU team and mentors. As a newcomer, the autonomy and trust that I am given has allowed me to cultivate a strong sense of ownership over my work.

By students, for students


As university students ourselves, we understand the challenges that student organisers often face in trying to run events as smoothly as possible, while maximising the participants’ satisfaction. At AllForU, we are dedicated to make student event management simpler for everyone involved – participants, organisers and corporate parties. We are comprised of four teams, inspired by four renowned individuals who are key players in their respective industries.

Our Teams



Student Outreach


Do you have knock-out charisma? Are you good at networking? Do you believe that school-based events can be better run?

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Our out-going Obama team specialises in crafting the AllForU sponsorship packages based on the needs of our student clubs and corporate partners. Our passion to serve the student community is recognised by student organisations from various universities such as NUS, NTU, SMU and SIM. As ambassadors of the student body, we push AllForU to achieve its student-centric goal whilst maintaining our corporate professionalism.

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Web and App Development


Think you can create an efficient platform that is novel, yet innovative? Are you interested to use technology to improve the lives of thousands of university students?

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As part of the Elon Musk team, you will be helping AllForU with the front-end development of our online platforms. What can we do to make our user interface clean, simple and intuitive? How can we implement visual elements effectively? You will also help to come up with new prototypes of mobile applications which we can use to increase the efficiency of our clients’ events.

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a.k.a. XIAXUE

Social Media and Publicity


Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you read your Facebook and Twitter feeds like the morning paper? Consider yourself a natural at writing and taking photographs? Not afraid to make a statement?

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As part of the Xiaxue team, you will administer AllForU’s social media marketing and advertising. This includes deliberate planning and goal setting, development of brand awareness and online reputation, content management, SEO (search engine optimisation) and generation of inbound traffic. We are looking for a highly motivated and creative individual with a passion for connecting with current and future clients.

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Corporate Relations


Do you want to be a business and corporate guru? Do you consider yourself a smooth-talker, and an opportunist? Do you like winning?

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Business development is a crucial aspect in a growing start-up. Transform your innovative ideas into life and experience first-hand how your ideas contribute to the success of AllForU. If you are an individual who likes to take charge of your own work, a career in our corporate relations department is the right choice for you! Our pool of clientele includes Taokaenoi, NISSIN, Pokka and more. Join us and work with your favourite brands today!

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