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5 Father’s Day Ideas for Little to No Money

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Maybe you just can’t afford to gift the man some expensive gift you came across (maybe you’re saving it for his birthday or even Christmas) but it would still be great to do something a little special, right?

We’re here to help. We thought we’d give you five ideas — and yeah, some wouldn’t be the most groundbreaking but it’s the thought that counts. Here are five meaningful ways you can honour your dad this special occasion (or even do it on a normal day to make it all the more special).

Show your Gratitude and Appreciation

Though a small gesture and at minimal to no cost, writing a handwritten note is one of the best ways to show your appreciation to him and all he has done in your life. Try to avoid the premade cards, maybe create your own. Recall and thank him for specific moments and actions he has done for you. Tip? Don’t talk about money. You should definitely thank him for his financial support but for a letter in this context, focus on him, his character, your moments together. What do you love about him? Was there a time when you appreciated something special he did for you? What was your favourite memory together?

Have a conversation and spend some family time together

You know your dads best for this but if he’s the type who’s work runs him a little ragged, or you feel like he could use a break. Maybe give him some time to himself without disturbing him or, on the flip side, spend some quality time to just bond or talk. Bring up a movie you’ve both wanted to watch or bust out a tabletop board game, etc. Create an opportunity for y’all to enjoy the company and get to know each other better, especially if it’s not something y’all do very often.

Food is the way to the Heart

It doesn’t have to be a fancy 3-course or even 7-course meal. You don’t even have to cook! You could order in his favourite food and that works too. The point of the matter here is the opportunity to share a meal together. There are a ton of easy recipes out there for those who are less skilled in the kitchen but still wanna make the effort to whip something up by hand.

Harness your Talent

Do you have musical talents? You could sing and/or play a song and dedicate it to him. Maybe you could even write some lyrics up and sing it to the tune of another melody (or even write a song just for him). Gifted with the written word? Pen down a poem or a story (maybe in his favourite genre). You get the point: Put your talent to use in a way to create something to honour your dad.

Redeemable I-O-U cards

When you create redeemable vouchers which your dad can claim as and whenever they wish, it’ll add something special to the day. Use your creativity to come up with something (or multiple things) that you can do for your dad. This can cost however much you want to spend on it. Some suggestions to include could be something like “a home-cooked meal by your son/daughter”, “pass on dishes. It’s your turn” and the list is endless. You can even create this together with the rest of your family and the coupons can be redeemed with certain individuals for example.

Overall, keep it simple and personalise it to your dad.

Times are stressful and this ain’t necessarily the most ideal of times to be splurging on a gift you can’t afford within your means so don’t. A small gesture goes a long way and at the end of the day, the day exists to celebrate your Father and is an opportunity for you to shower your dad with good ol’ priceless love.

We hope y’all and your families a wonderful Father’s Day in advance and whatever your decide to do, stay safe and stay healthy.

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