Ice-breakers and getting over the awkward “Idk you” phase: E-orientation activities

So we’re finally here at the starting line of this race. We’re finally going to have the freshies meet each other and go through the whole awkward process of “hellos”, “nice to meet yous” and “what school were you from” as well as the scanning of the room while making our silent judgements. Would it be safe to say that the lack of physical interactions make it less awkward and difficult turning up for orientations? Well, if you agree to that, you’ll be glad this time round. But wait. What about all the games and interactions that’s supposed to help you get to know each other, make friends and decide to spend the days doing crazy activities together?

We’re going to have to maximise all the platforms we can find online. I’ve been in the zone brainstorming and researching on what activities we can hold to break the ice over the net and have a more natural and casual bonding. And I’ve come up with some potential activities and games we can use during our e-orientation with the OGs.

Ice Breaker Activities

For a starter, we can’t miss out the basic self-introductions but who says we can’t add our own creative twist to it?

Self-Introduction Message with Photo | Fact Count Per Freshie
You can ask a totally normal or awkward question to the OG such as: how many sheets of toilet paper do you usually use when you go to the washroom for a number 2 or (let’s be more normal and ask) how many cups of bubble tea do you each drink a week/month? With the number they have shared, that shall be the number of interesting facts they will have to share with the OG. If they said like 6 or 8, wow they’re gonna have to really rack their brains for the facts when coming up with 1 is difficult enough. They wouldn’t see this twist coming at all

Grazing Another layer of Who They Are | Pinterest Board
Let’s take a more aesthetic and fun option than just cold distant words. Create a public Pinterest board and heads up your freshies that they will have to prepare for this activity in advance. Freshies will go around shopping on Pinterest and pin images that resonates to them onto the shared public board. This can be used as a tool for your show and tell to get to know each other in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Maybe you’ll find the ones who’ll have the most organised and thematic Instagram among the OG.

Let’s Start Talking | Chat Roulette
I know I know, when you see this, you may start thinking of speed dating but nooo this is not it but well, similar haha. And no, we’re not gambling or playing chances here. You’re going to create a matrix to pair up your freshies to get them talking. Each pair can spend about 10 to 15 minutes together and rotate to another pairing so that they’ll better know at least more than 1 person in the group. Tell them to snap a picture of their call and it could be an internal mini competition to choose the best photo taken.

Provide them with a set of guiding questions so they don’t just spend the next 15 minutes staring at each other and giving each other the same awkward laughter that they’re gonna repeat with their next partner.

  • Why did you choose _______ (course/hall/club)?
  • What is your favourite _________ (colour/snack/pastime activity)?
  • What is a must have essential in your bag?
  • Are you an early bird or night owl?
  • What was the last drama/show/movie that you binge watched till early in the morning?

Getting a Jack of All Trades Knowledge Test | Trivia Time
We’re gonna have to introduce some basic information about the school, the course, the hall and so on, so why not do it in a quiz? It’s not like we’re gonna fail a paper on getting the wrong answer. So get on Kahoot and engage your freshies with trivias and try slipping in secret study/napping spots in school among your OG. I’m sure they’ll love them. Feel free to open the trivia topic to random topics like music, games and hobbies to sense out what engages the OG.

A Little More Ice Breaking | Picture Charades
This may be a bit old in the book but charades has always been vamped up such as when “Heads Up!” came out. It is a game that everyone understands and would be easy to just jump in and participate.

Here’s the twist, we’re using no more than 5 images to describe the scenario, movie, book or people. There’s not gonna be any talking but feel free to make sounds if that helps. 

You can choose to split the OG into 2 and have them prepare the images for the other team to guess. This would surely increase the engagement between the members in the OG.

Bonding Activities

Now that everyone in the team have properly introduced themselves, talked to each other and done some group trivia, it’s time to engage the OG in some team activities and games.

Some of you may have heard of this game or like me has played it with my friends in these past few months. Basically everyone gets to draw a least once and the rest of the members have to guess it. Each private room houses up to 12 players, so you may have to split your OG into 2. You can even use this opportunity to create some friendly match within the OG. Winner could get some prize set internally by your team or just have bragging rights as the winner haha.

A modern take on the classic broken telephone. If that telephone was broken, this is just almost at the end of its lifespan. Every member will get to either use words to describe the drawing they saw or be drawing from the description they read. This line will take turns to alternate between word descriptions and drawings. You can refer to the image below.

Each private room houses up to 12 players, so yes, once again you may have to split your OG into 2. And be prepared to see a description be rearranged like the washing of mah-jong tiles and for the drawings to be butchered up so badly you wouldn’t recognise it haha. Like Drawception says, miscommunication and hilarity ensues!

Riddle Me Yes/No
This website gives you a ton of end-scenarios along with their scenario explanation. The OGL will choose an end scenario and the key is for the members to find out the scenario explanation by asking only yes/no questions. There are many genres from dark stories to funny and based on true events. This will be a real rollercoaster ride for our brains as you break down the scenarios and decipher the real cause. This will be greatly favoured for those looking for a brain teaser. You can find more yes/no story questions stash here.

Pieces of Forgotten Memories
The aim of this game is for every member to contribute into creating a story. Every member will each share a photo of something or somewhere, either freshly taken or from a past collection. The OG will then come together to piece together a story from this broken pieces of forgotten memory that they each hold. This way you get your freshies to share something personal of theirs but also create something together as an OG. You can use this an inter-OG competition to find the most creative storyline with the most creative photos. Let’s see who’s got a flair for crafting tales and stories.

Wow, we’ve listed quite a number of suggestions as to what activities you can hold for your OGs to break the ice and bond. There is surely more options and variations out there that is within your power to find and use them. Some others to list include Spyfall and Cards against Humanity. We hope this guide gave you some suggestions and starting ideas to incorporate into your orientations and we would love to hear from you on what you have incorporated or came up with!


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