Jamie NUS Final Year Graduating Student 2021

How I Survived My Hectic Final Graduating Year In 2021

Being a university student is not easy. There is always something to stress about; assignments, projects, finals, internships, exchange, CCAs, modules, and the list goes on. As I approached my final semester in university, I just could not wait to graduate. Having cleared all my modules, the only thing that was left standing between me and my convocation was a 6-month internship.

I was expecting to have a rather relaxed semester. After all, I would not have to re-watch lectures, complete assignments or even do any work after 7pm. Boy, was I wrong. I still had to secure a full-time job and my parents would not stop bugging me to book a graduation family photoshoot.

I spent most of work nights completing my internship report and submitting job applications. The process of looking for jobs alone left me drained. There were just so many factors to consider and cover letters to write. Every now and then I would remember that I needed to book the photoshoot. In an attempt to complete the only responsibility my parents had given me, I went to Google to search for photo studios. Having no experience being part of a photoshoot before, I was not even sure of what I was supposed to be looking for. So, the limitless options on Google usually ended in me being overwhelmed and shutting my laptop to head to bed.

As the date of my graduation got closer, the university finally sent me an email to rent my graduation gown. I groaned when I realized that I had to apply for a half day leave just to collect the gown at my school. I had already applied for leave for my job interviews and could not afford to take another day off just to collect my graduation gown. At this point, I was not even excited for my convocation anymore.

Needing a break from being a mess, I met up with a friend to talk (or rant, to be exact) over coffee. As I began to pour my frustrations about how troublesome the preparation for convocation was becoming, my friend showed me an email about a graduation planner service that pretty much saved my life. After the soulful coffee date, I rushed back home to do more research on the graduation planner service my friend introduced me to. Needless to say, I was really excited that I could finally have my graduation arrangements in check so that I could focus on my job search instead.

As I looked through the services, I read that they delivered your graduation gown to your doorstep for free to. Not having to apply for leave and delivery for free? YES PLEASE. With that down, all I had left was to book a graduation photoshoot. Their photoshoot and graduation gown rental bookings were collapsed into a single form that took less than 5 minutes to fill up. 2 equally attractive family photoshoot packages were offered. The packages were priced competitively in comparison to all the other studios I had seen on Google and additional items like graduation teddies and printed cushions were offered! However, not knowing exactly which package would suit my needs best, I decided to give them a call just to enquire about the packages a little more.

Their service was GREAT. Although I felt a little embarrassed that I had so many questions to ask, the staff on the phone was nice and very patient to answer all of them. As the conversation went on, I found out that the service providers were only 2 years older than me. They started this grad planner service as they were, like me, thrown into the abyss of the graduation process and was left to settle everything by themselves. So, they compiled all their experiences and started this service to help all the busy graduating students like myself, and managed to make a career out of it.

I have yet to experience their studio service, but I can imagine that it would be good since I have already received my gown, with no hassle at all. It is almost like it just magically appeared in my mailbox after I subscribed to their service.

By the way, if you want more free photos or frames thrown in for the photoshoot, you should give them a ring to ask about the package. Since I managed to build some rapport with them during my 15 mins call, they gave me a free printed crystal frame add-on to my studio package.

I’m looking forward to the photoshoot with my family and would really recommend this graduation planner service to any flustered graduating student out there. Here is how you can contact them and the brochure I saw:

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