Help Your Club Fulfil Their Sponsorship Focus Group

YES!! You Get Up To 
$200 Cash Credited Upon Completion

Your club have worked their hardest to secure the sponsorship items that you are enjoying for your events. Help your club fulfil their sponsorship Focus Group and you will receive cash bonus as a reward for your contribution.

** T&C applies. The cash dispensed by the corporates will be credited to your AFU account where you can use it to make purchases within the platform.

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Student Completion
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Cash Credited

Incentive Available

Cash Incentive credited AllForU Portal

Up to $200 Cash Credit

Make purchases using these cash credits.


Hamper Incentive AllForU

Product Hamper
(Retailed $364)

The hamper contains Varsity Merchandises from Coopt such as: Shirts, Tote Bag, Laptop Sleeve, Thermal Flask, Gym Bottle, Art Jamming Kit. Hamper content do get updated frequently.

Complete This 1-Min Form & Start Helping

You & Your Club Benefits

You Receive

Cash Incentive credited AllForU Portal

Up to $200 Cash Credit

Make purchases using these cash credits.

OR you can choose to take the Product Hamper (retailed at $364)

AllForU referral icon student refer student for cash incentive sponsorship

Additional $30 Cash Credit

Get additional $30 Cash Credits for each friend you refer who successfully completed this mileage with you

Club Receive

Sponsorship goodie Bag graphic icon AllForU

Sponsorships (Product / Prizes)

Club receives sponsorships from corporates which benefits your event

This is how it works

Step 1

Register to help via the form below

Step 2

You will be guided on how to complete the focus group. All resources needed will be provided for you

Step 3

Receive your Cash Credit upon completion

Refer a Friend

We know it is boring to do it alone sometimes. Why not Jio a friend along with you and get $30 extra cash credit for it.

Refer a Club

Know a club or event who needs sponsorship? Connect them to us and receive an extra $60 cash credit for it.

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