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SMBs & Enterprises


SMBs & Enterprises

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Unlock the Power of Efficient
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Streamline your B2B procurement process, from sourcing to customisation to delivery, in under 5 minutes,
so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business



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Procure & Customise

Buying customizing company apparels procurement vendor my digitial cpo t shirt roundneck polo jacket

Apparel & Jacket

Buying customizing Corporate gift procurement vendor my digitial cpo

Corporate Gift

Buying customizing staff wellness procurement vendor my digitial cpo yoga mat stress ball shoe bag

Staff Wellness

Buying customizing printing collaterals procurement vendor my digitial cpo flyers standees brochures

Marketing Prints

Buying customizing event pack procurement vendor my digitial cpo goodie bag tote bag sposnorship bag

Events Essentials

Buying customizing office essentials procurement vendor my digitial cpo pen ruler paper

Office Essentials

Read on and complete procurement in 5mins

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How We Make It Easy

Procurement Done In 5 Mins

My Digital CPO How we make it easy by snap and circle then source and mockup design then receives product 1
Snap a photo and circle where you will want to customize My Digital CPO Dedicated procurement officer

Step 1

You Snap & Circle

Snap a photo of the item and circle the area you will like to customise.

Source and mockup product for your review and approval My Digital CPO Dedicated procurement officer

Step 2

We Source & Mockup

Our team will procure and create the mockup items featuring your logo for your review and approval.

we ship and You receive your procured item My Digital CPO Dedicated procurement officer

Step 3

You Receive Product

Our team will oversee the entire customisation and delivery process until you receive the product.

Conversation With Your Procurement Expert
My Digital CPO whatsapp conversation
My Digital CPO whatsapp conversation 2 2
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Unfiltered Reviews

Ina Ong
Ina OngNanyang Technology University, Singapore
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Blown away by the service! Customizing my items was as easy as a few clicks and a simple text description. Just 5 minutes to upload a photo, circle the areas for customization, and bam‚ÄĒthe team nailed my vision without a hitch. No follow-ups, no vendor chats, they managed it all, delivering flawlessly. Their efficiency and effortlessness have set a new peak in customer service excellence. Absolutely game-changing!
Kim Shi Yun
Kim Shi YunIcon Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd, Singapore
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Amazing experience! Our dedicated Procurement Expert exceeded expectations by delivering material samples directly to us. He expertly guided us through the differences, enabling a swift and informed purchase decision in just one meeting. The icing on the cake? The hassle-free, regular updates on our item's status. This personalized and attentive service transformed our buying process into a truly exciting journey. Absolutely outstanding!
Julian Tan
Julian TanEunico Pte Ltd, Singapore
Read More
The value is crystal clear! My company recently outsourced our monthly procurement to them, and it's been a game-changer. It's significantly lightened my workload, and the perks are unbeatable‚ÄĒwe're enjoying better pricing plus a 2.5% cashback on all our invoices. Absolutely amazing!

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Why Choose Us?

My Digital CPO personal chief procurement officer attached e1711267626810

Get An Expert Sidekick

Get an expert that find and customise exactly what your company needs.

My Digital CPO earns cashback for every dollar spent

Earn Cashback

Earn cashback on every purchase. Use it to lower future invoice costs.

My Digital CPO Saves time and effort

Save Time & Effort

Automates procurement. From sourcing, customisation to delivery.

My Digital CPO 0.1 platform fee

0.1% Platform Fee Only

Providing 100% value at only $1 per $1000 spent.


Chief Procurement Officers


Committed Vendors

2 Million

Units Of Customised Products Delivered

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About the platform

My Digital CPO Personal Procurement

Perfect for both beginners and experienced staff. Whether you require basic purchasing assistance or complex custom orders, our experts have the knowledge and skills to source and customise the perfect products for your business or clients. No more guesswork for you; we’ve got everything handled.


Lightning-fast procurement made easy! Simply snap a photo of the item, indicate customisation, and set a deadline – all in under 5 minutes. No more tedious paperwork needed. Trust our expert to deliver the perfect customised products to you on-time.

Whatsapp, Telegram or Email your procurement expert

It can be a camera photo, a screenshot or even a link to a product you saw online.

My Digital CPO Procure within 5 minutes Snap a photo and circle
My Digital CPO 0.1 platform fee

Relax, our expertise won’t cost you extra. Only 0.1% platform fee – $1 for every $1000 spent. In fact, you’ll save money and¬†get better or equal value products for less. Pure benefits, no downsides.

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How To Procure Within 5 Mins

How To Procure
Within 5 Mins

Every order placed is assigned to a real human ‚Äď a Dedicated Account Manager. She or he will get in touch with you via the email or whatsapp to clarify the details. Quotes within your budget will be collated and provided.

The Dedicated Account Manager will request for your artwork and logo files in an AI format. If provided correctly, then we create mockups of your logo on the product within 1-2 business days (usually, it’s a matter of hours). The mockup will contain clear indication of position and size of your logo or artwork on the product.¬†

Any changes you require can be communicated during this stage, and a revised mockup will be sent for your confirmation. If you are happy with the mockups and all other details, you can give us the green light to proceed.

Our Procurement Experts will follow up on your order (with a lot of love, and attention to detail). They will also remain available to answer any other questions you have until you receive your order and are happy with it.

We produce your order (with a lot of love, and attention to detail). Please keep in mind: standard production time is 14-18 business days. Shipping and Delivery will then require 1-3 business days. We will also remain available to answer any other questions you have until you receive your order and are happy with it.

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Frequently Used By


For streamlined enterprises with procurement teams:

  • Boost Efficiency: Agile extension to their capabilities, allowing them to manage more without overload.
  • Reduce Backlogs: Let us handle everyday procurement, ensuring no request is overlooked, allowing your team to focus on strategic priorities.
  • Extended Network: Tap on our procurement officer’s network to get you better deals.

Small Medium Business

In a busy SMB, your team wears many hats – procurement might not be their strength.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Extend team’s capability without extra costs by leveraging our expert support.
  • Time-Saving:¬†Let our experts handle procurement – reducing workload on your team, allowing them to focus on critical business activities.
  • Immediate Expertise: Instant access to procurement expertise simplifies processes.

Marketing, Events, HR, Admin Staff

Gain a sidekick to simplify your work-life and reduce stress. After all, it’s paid by the company, right?

  • Less Multi-Tasking: We are driven to help you succeed. Let us handle procurement so you can focus on your role.
  • Simple Communication: A photo and a few details are all we need to kickstart your customised procurement needs.
  • Price Competitive, No Stress: We guarantee competitive prices and top-notch quality, all within your budget.
  • Hands-Free: From customisation to final delivery, we handle everything, ensuring a smooth and worry-free process.

Schools & Universities

Make your procurement more impactful. Help your student clubs get more sponsors with it.

  • Boost Club Sponsorships: Spend on procurement, earn coins for clubs to secure free sponsorships, enriching student activities.
  • Ease Educator Tasks: Delegate procurement to us, freeing educators to concentrate on teacing and administration.
  • Price Competitive, No Stress: We guarantee competitive prices and top-notch quality, all within your budget.
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Frequently Asked Questions

My Digital CPO is a revolutionary procurement service designed to simplify your procurement process. Our team of Chief Procurement Officers handles everything from sourcing to delivery, ensuring you get the best deals without the hassle, all at a negligible cost.

By automating and managing the entire procurement process, we eliminate the need for you to deal with multiple suppliers, compare prices, or manage deliveries. This streamlined approach not only saves you time but also ensures you get competitive pricing, translating to direct cost savings.

Absolutely! With just a nominal 0.1% platform fee, you gain access to our vast network of suppliers and expert procurement services. This investment is often offset by the savings we generate for you, making our service effectively cost-neutral or even profitable for your business.

Yes, we specialize in handling customized orders. Just send us a photo and the details of what you need, and our experts will take care of the rest, ensuring your exact requirements are met with precision.

Our service stands out because of the tech-centric system plus the personal touch and the expert knowledge we offer. Our team isn’t just about sourcing products; we’re about building relationships, understanding your unique needs, and delivering solutions that truly benefit your business.

For every dollar you spend through My Digital CPO, you earn cashback that can be applied to reduce the cost of subsequent invoices. It’s our way of thanking you for your partnership and ensuring you get even more value from our service.

Any organization, large or small, from schools and universities to SMBs and large enterprises, can benefit. If procurement is part of your operation, and you’re looking to save time, reduce costs, and streamline your processes, My Digital CPO is for you.

Getting started is simple. Contact us with your procurement needs, and we’ll quickly set up your account. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless transition to easier, more efficient procurement.

Our customer service team is always here to help. Whether you have a question, need advice, or require assistance with an order, we’re just a message or call away, ready to provide the support you need.

Choosing My Digital CPO allows your team to focus on their core responsibilities and strategic initiatives, rather than getting bogged down with procurement tasks. Our expertise and resources can perform these tasks more efficiently, potentially at a lower cost, and with better outcomes, making your overall operation more effective.

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