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About us

AllForU is a sponsorship matching platform that aims to help event organisers and clubs simplify their sponsorship and procurement process.

Our mission

To help event organiser maximise their match to sponsors and vendors in under 4 days using our database of active and interested sponsors.

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Everything we do, it’s All For U!

We know it’s hard getting supportive Sponsors & Vendors for your event. You will definitely get tonnes of rejections and worry about the vendor quality. That’s why we created AllForU to unite sponsors & vendors to simplify event planning for students.

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Finally, a Sponsorship Platform that's Easy and Powerful

AllForU is the preferred choice by 80% of event organisers. Here are the features that make AllForU 
the most powerful and user-friendly Sponsorship Platform in the market.


Tap on a ready pool of available and committed Products, Prizes and Cash sponsors. Save >30Hrs of effort Monthly


We compare across more than 60 vendors and get the best price up to 40% discounts on your custom apparels & merchandise purchases.

Central Collection Point

Collect all your items at one location in one single day. No more round-island collection trips across multiple days, YAY! 🔥


All it takes is a 5mins registration process and your accounts manager will link up with you within 20mins.

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will follow through the whole sponsorship acquisition process with you.

Small Clubs & Events

Size doesn't always matter! Get a sponsorship regardless of your club and event size. We got your back!​

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Top 5 Reasons Why 20,000+ Event Planners ❤️ AllForU

AllForU is the perfect event sponsorship platform for YOU. Here's why over 20,000+ smart youth leaders and 
event organisers love our sponsorship platform, and you will too!

AllForU Sponsorship Service Angel Team

Always Reliable + Exceptional Customer Support

We're known for our world-class support , and we have a team of sponsorship specialist dedicated to the success of your events.



experienced club leaders to help

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Sponsorship Deals At Your Fingertips

No more waiting for AFU sponsorship newsletter and missing them because you are a step too late. Join the most popular sponsorship telegram channel showcasing the largest network of latest sponsorship available in Singapore. Search @sponsorship_alert or click on the button below to join.

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Sponsorship Alert Telegram Channel

How can AllForU Benefit Your Events

AllForU helps event organisers build great events by matching them to sponsorships opportunities 
that result in Free Items and Cost Savings. This is why all smart youth leaders in Universities, Polytechnics, 
Junior Colleges, ITEs and Secondary Schools tap on Sponsorship Platforms, and you should too!

Student Leaders

Student Leaders

… love us because we help them get quality apparels and merchandise without the high costs.

Artboard 7  Save Time (50 Direct-Vendors)
Artboard 7  Large Variety 
Artboard 7  Get the Best Available Discounts
Artboard 7  Match to Cash Sponsors
Artboard 7  No Middleman Fees

Class Tee, CCA Shirt, Totebags, Lanyards, Towel . . .

Event Organiser Icon

School Event Organisers

… love us because we match them to product, prizes and cash sponsors without effort intensive labour.

Artboard 7  Save Time (70 Active Sponsors)
Artboard 7  Instant Match to Interested Sponsors  
Artboard 7   Negotiate Once Only
Artboard 7   Central Collection Location
Artboard 7   No Middleman Fees 

Snacks, Drinks, Beauty, Personal Care, Electronics, Gift, Event Shirts, Cash . . .

School Icon

Private Education Institute

… love us because we help them build better events and clubs with our experienced crew.

Artboard 7 Streamline Sponsors & Vendors Sourcing
Artboard 7 Get the Best Available Discounts
Artboard 7 Instant Match to Interested Sponsors  
Artboard 7  Experienced Crew
Artboard 7  Account Manager Assigned 

Experience the AllForU Growth Effect

Organise better events with AllForU. Here's how AllForU has completely revolutionised 
the way event organisers get sponsorships for their events.

Old Way

Before AllForU

Artboard 6  Asset: 5000 emails , 5-7 recurring sponsors
Artboard 6  Manually search, copy & cold outreach to corporate’s email
Artboard 6  4-months effort yield 5-8 sponsors. Plenty of Rejections.
Artboard 6  Multiple Negotiations with each sponsor
Artboard 6  High Learning Curve as a newbie
Artboard 6  Multiple trips to collect sponsored items


Time and Effort Consuming        Sad red face icon

Versus icon

New Way

After AllForU

Artboard 7 Asset: more than 70 active sponsors
Artboard 7 Zero Cost: This entire end-to-end process is free

Artboard 7  No Manual Labor. We match multiple sponsors in 1 pitch
Artboard 7  2-Weeks effort yield 10-15 sponsors. 80% success rate
Artboard 7  No Learning Curve
Artboard 7  Collect all sponsored items in a single collection/delivery


Super Easy Way to Plan Events        Happy Green face icon

Ready to Get More Sponsorships?

Create better events with sponsorships. We make sponsorship matching so simple even for a first-timer.

If This Hits You

You will need AllForU Sponsor Matching Platform

Need Help Getting Sponsors & Vendors For Your Event?

Take a look at AFU Blog for tips & tricks shared by seasoned club leaders on how to
better secure more sponsors and vendor effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about AllForU? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.
If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

There are no fees involved. AllForU’s sponsors matching service is free for all event organisers registered with us. 

If you are getting subsidised items from vendor sponsors, you will need to pay the vendors; or if you choose to have sponsored items delivered to you, you will have to pay the 3rd Party Logistics GoGoVan or Lalamove directly.

We will be migrating and centralising information about the latest sponsorships available onto our ⚠️ SPONSORSHIP ALERT ⚠️ Telegram channel. Share this lobang with your friends and add them to the group too. If you find the sponsorship information shared in the channel not useful, you can leave the channel or mute it.

Frequently there will be specific/exclusive sponsorships that we will only share in this telegram channel. So only those in the channel will know of these exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

here is no harm in joining as u have everything to gain if you manage to find any sponsorship opportunities that interests you. And u have nothing to lose as u can always leave or mute the channel. 

A lot of event organizers are asking us about sponsorship availability through various channels. To make it sane for our Angel Department to handle, We are centralising information about the latest sponsorships available onto our ⚠️ SPONSORSHIP ALERT ⚠️ Telegram channel. Share this lobang with your friends and add them to the group too. If you find the sponsorship information shared in the channel not useful, you can leave the channel or mute it.

Frequently there will be specific/exclusive sponsorships that we will only share in this telegram channel. So only those in the channel will know of these exclusive sponsorship opportunities. So don’t say you don’t know or we bojio. 

Click here to join the channel

  1. BASIC components: product sponsors, cash sponsors, prizes sponsors
  2. PRO components: bulk custom apparel sponsors , bulk custom Merchandize sponsors. 

Mileages are marketing objectives/tasks event organizers have to complete for the sponsors in exchange for the sponsorships given. 

You need to consolidate pictorial evidence of completed mileage into a folder and submit them to our Sponsorship Geniuses at sponsorship@server.thepineapple.io

Pictorial evidence can be direct url links for sponsors to view; screenshots of completed mileages; documents to upload. 

Our system have 5 components and our system recognises the number of components your event uses. The more components your events involved, the better your algorithm and the higher success rate of your event being matched to more sponsors.

One super tip will be to use high algorithm components in our ecosystem for your event such as Bulk Custom Apparel Sponsors; and Bulk Custom Merchandise Sponsors.

For events that utilises our basic component and is able to do most mileages, they tend to be matched to between 2-4sponsors. 

For events that is utilises our pro components, and is able to do most mileages, they tend to be matched to between 4-10 sponsors. 

The more basic and pro components you involve the better the algorithm and the more sponsors will be matched. 

It is important to provide an accurate submission as much as possible for our matching engine. The tip to maximising your match to sponsors is to tick off as many sponsor mileage type you can potentially fulfil as possible. The more mileages types you can do, the wider the scope, and the more sponsors our matching engine can match you to.

Do join our ⚠️ SPONSORSHIP ALERT ⚠️ Telegram Channel to be aware of the latest sponsorships that you can tap on!
Click here to join

Take a look at one of our FAQ question

  • “How do I increase the number of sponsors being matched” to understand how to use pro components to maximise the number of sponsors matched.
  • Does the “Connect to sponsors” form decides what sponsors can be matched?
  • What are mileages?

You have to pre-arrange a collection date with our Sponsorship Geniuses. Most collection are done at our HQ in Singapore. You can find our address here.

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You should always underpromise sponsors and Overdeliver. This way sponsors will remember your event and will be keen to continuously to support your event through sponsorships. It will not be advisable to game the system and not/under fulfil your mileages as this will affect future chances of sponsorship matches by you or your successors/juniors

Sponsorship geniuses are the most important people in our platform. They are the miracle seeds that makes rain happens for event organizers firms up the sponsorship deals by ensuring the corporate sponsors follows through with their commitment to event organizers after our matching engine fulfilled it’s purpose. 

Some tips, respect and treat our sponsorship geniuses nicely and they will be more generous to help you keep a lookout for more exclusive close-door sponsorship deal beyond what our matching engine can match you. 

The “Connect To Sponsors” is the most important form that feeds our platform matching engine. Provide accurate information with what you need and what you can do; and also budget, quantities etc for our pro components, and our matching engine will be able to generate a report that is within your expectations. 

Every business needs money to operate and it is silly to think we can run on empty fuel. We work on fixed success fee charged to the vendors instead of commission.

It is purely human for users to think that every platform matches them to vendors that pays the highest commission. But not to worry cos we don’t work on commission model as that will be detrimental to the quality of the vendor matched (I’m assuming the budget available is fair to market standards). 

We only get fixed success fees upon a successful match regardless of vendors. So our main priority is to find a vendor that is currently running a promo and is the best fit for u based on your available resource. This increases our chances of a successful match and hence, a successful success fee.

But do take note to be practical as you get what you pay for. If you indicate peanuts budget, you will be matched to products with peanuts quality too. I.e You don’t expect indicating a wiping cloth budget and getting an adidas shirt match. 

Check out our other FAQ on “Difference between Commission model and Success fee model!”. And why did we choose a success fee model.

We partner with over 60 vendors for this component and we actively get updates with the latest promotion every 2 days. 

Through the “Get Connected To Sponsors” form, honestly fill in your event needs and resources available for these components and our matching engine will be able to carry out an extensive scan for the latest promotions available. 

A few key factors that plays an important role are the budget, item category, quantity and est date needed. Especially budget. Not to worry that we will intentionally match you to vendors high commissions as we don’t get commissions. We only get fixed success fees upon a successful match across all vendors. So our main priority is to find a vendor that is currently running a promo and is the best fit for u. 

Do take note to be practical that you get what you pay for. If you indicate peanuts, you will get peanuts too. I.e You won’t be able to get adidas shirt at a wiping cloth price with the discount. 

We do not mark up the vendor products in the pro components as we operate on a success fee model. Although marking up does brings us slightly more profit, but it is not worth given the manhours and resources needed to handle the negotiation process. We will rather work based on the face value of the product given by the vendor so users don’t have to worry about the mark up and spend time to go around shopping and comparing prices. With lesser manhours spent on this, means that our team can handle more projects and hence, more success fees. 

Upon agreeing on the mileages, you should always fulfil your mileages, or overdeliver on it to increases the success of subsequent matches for future requests. 

But should there be any challenges, do reach out to our Sponsorship Geniuses and they will advice you on the best possible path for your situation

Commission model does not place emphasis or importance on suitability. It mainly places emphasis on which vendor sponsor promo brings them the highest profit. Hence, most platform and sales person operating in this model will tend to upsell you the vendor with the highest commission at your expense. 

Unlike the commission model, the success fee model emphasises on the quality of the vendor matched based on your requirement and resources available. We only get fixed success fees upon a successful match regardless of vendors. So our main priority is to find a vendor that is currently running a promo and is the best fit for your event based on your available resource. This increases our chances of a successful match and hence, a successful fixed success fee.

  1. Event organizers that declare their event requirements honestly. And their expectations should match what they declare
  2. Event organizers that is able to complete and fulfill mileages required. Any insufficiency in this aspect will affect the future chances of your events and successors. 
  3. Event organizers that allow us to profit from success fees by using our pro components as well. And they get to save money from the discounts and promotions available from our pro components sponsors. 
  1. If you are looking to lowball. You get what you can pay for.  
  2. If you are looking for free sponsorships without doing any mileages. Let’s not waste time. 
  3. Looking to get plenty of sponsorships but not using our pro services. 

Some case study of how reports generated by our matching engine does not satisfy the event organizers:

  1. Case 1: Event organizers indicate they cannot do any task mileages for sponsors. So our matching engine will not be able to match any sponsors to them. 
  2. Case 2: Event organizers submit their need for basic and pro components. Pro components involved in this case 2 are apparel sponsors. They indicated a lowball Budget of between 5-6 dollars per pcs. But they are expecting product quality in the range of 8-9 dollars per pcs. 

Haven’t got your questions answered?
Reach out to us below:

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Chester Lim
Chester LimNTU Hall 1 JCRC
Read More
Thanks you AllForU and Sansesan for sponsoring Hall of Residence 1's welfare pack! TaoKaeNoi, Salmon skin and chocolates really made the welfare pack amazing! I can vouch that some of us even feel that this is the best welfare pack we have received thus far, and its many thanks to AllForU and Sansesan! Really hope that we'll be able to work with AllForU again, 100% recommend!
Tee Jian Hong
Tee Jian HongNTU Shitoryu Karate Club
Read More
I'm so glad I signed up for Allforu when I was still the Publicity Director for NTU Shitoryu Karate Club last year! It was such a brilliant idea to bring together all the smaller clubs and societies to help our sponsors increase their reach, while of course at the same time, enjoy some really useful and cool stuffs from the sponsors! We can't wait to let our members try out the Hajima Crispy Salmon Skin and Taokaenoi Tom Yum Seafood Seaweed 😙 Thanks Allforu for making our finals more bearable...with delicious snacks! Look forward to collaborate with you guys for future events. Cheers
Hui Ning Thian
Hui Ning ThianNTU MAE
Read More
Thank You AllforU for sponsoring us. The sponsor made our event a huge success! Best sponsors ever! They can give so much and ask for reasonable in return. They can also provide a wide variety of sponsors. Clear with the terms and condition as well. Highly recommended.
Aidan Wong
Aidan WongNUS Civil and Environmental Engineering
Read More
I am Aidan, the Project Director for the NUS Civil and Environmental Engineering Freshmen Orientation Camp. We had many issues finding vendors and sponsors for our camp, uptil the month of January (6 months before our camp date), which was when we got in touch with AllforU through a recomendation by a friend. They were able to help us get multiple products for our Freshmen Pack as well as help us liaise with some of the cheapest vendors for our shirts and food. One of the best qualities was the prompt replies and the willingness to accomodate to our abrupt changes in requests closer to our camp date.
Jason Li
Jason LiNUS EnginOWeek
Read More
A big thank you for making EnginOweek a success. We were still looking for sponsors a few months before the camp. We then chanced upon allforu. They were a big HELP to us, which in turn made the camp a success
Chelsea Roh
Chelsea RohNUS Business Flag
Read More
Thank you for sponsoring NUS Business Flag. We got in touch with AllforU on May 28 as they were recommended by NUS Business Camp and it was our first time working with them. The representative of AllForU was really patient, easy to work with and extremely responsive. Eventhough they had a really tight deadline to match us with the products we needed, they were able to pull it off with amazing sponsorships. This really helped us as we were encountering slow response and lack of sponsorship. AllForU were able to provide us with tote bags, food vendors, snacks as well as prizes. It was way more fast and efficient and the quality of goods we got were way better. We have never used such a platform before but we really felt like the matching speed was extremely fast, the customer service was top notch and the quality of products were great and on top of that it was super convenient on our end. Will definitely work with them again and recommend to friends.
Wei Yi
Wei YiNUS d'Hoppers
Read More
AllForU is a great sponsorship platform that not only provides a wide range of sponsorship products, but also helped our club source for great and affordable catering services. Thank you AllForU for providing NUS d’Hoppers welfare packs for our concert dancers! Will definitely recommend AllForU to any clubs interested in getting sponsorship products!
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Submit your application before the cut off date 20th Feb 2022. Submissions after 20th Feb 2022 will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
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Submit your application before the cut off date 15th Aug 2022. Submissions after 15th Aug 2022 will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
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