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Almost 80% of Orientation Camps From These Institutes Got Products, Prizes and Cash Sponsorships From AllForU Portal

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AllForU have partnered with suitable sponsors that your freshman orientation participants will love!
Snacks + Drinks + Towel+ Drawstring Bag + Prizes = Super Orientation Camp!

Corporate Sponsors snack product sponsorship through AllForU Community

Snacks Sponsors!

Give your freshman some regular boost of energy when they are hungry. Easily assemble 10-15 snacks for your orientation goodie bags.

Corporate Sponsors drinks product sponsorship through AllForU Community

Drinks Sponsors!

Hydration is most important during Orientation Camps! Let us link you up to prominent drink sponsors like 100Plus, YEOs, Marigold, Redbull etc.

Corporate Sponsors Wearable product sponsorship through AllForU Community

Microfibre Towel Sponsors!

Orientation Camps are meant to be sweaty and dirty! Dry your sweat after a day of activity with sweat absorbent towels! You can even use it to bathe if you forgot your towels! Let us link you up to these Personal Care sponsors.

Product Sponsorship Prize Sponsorship and cash sponsorship Corporate Sponsors wearable product sponsorship through AllForU Community

Drawstring Bags Sponsors!

You have so much sponsored items from AllForU! Wouldn’t it be great to have a sturdy water-resistant drawstring bag to hold them. Gift an event pack to your participants in style!

Corporate Sponsors prizes product sponsorship through AllForU Community

Prize Sponsors!

Don’t everyone love a good fight! Make your freshman campers competitive with attractive prizes! Will 18 Prizes sponsors interest you?

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Sunscreen Sponsors!

They say sun makes you age faster especially during orientation camp when you are exposed most of the time. Protect yourself and your participants from the sun's harmful UV rays.


Imagine running a super fun camp where participants are running around with laser tag guns and are dressed in comfortable shirts that they will continue to wear during school days.


AllForU Cash Sponsorship and Custom Apparel Vendors Provider Drifit Roundneck Shirt

Performance Dri-Fit Shirt

No one likes to be near a sweaty person! You definitely need Drifit shirts for your freshman campers and game masters. Up the game for your event by giving them performance drift shirt! Get Performance drift shirt that cost $9-12 at prices between $5-7 with cash sponsor’s help. Let our sponsorship angels link you up to them!

Orientation camp Premium Cotton roundneck shirt singlet sponsorship apparel vendors cash sponsors 2

Premium Cotton Shirt

Camp Committees and Game masters! Comfort is the most important attribute you have to consider. Any discomfort might led to a grumpy leader. Get Performance drift shirt that usually cost $10-16 at prices between $5-7 with cash sponsor’s help. Let our sponsorship angels link you up to them!

Laser Tag Sponsorship Freshman Orientation Camps

Laser Tag Flag Games

Love to go escape room, laser tag hunt? Why not incorporate it into your camps? Imagine running a laser tag activity in your camp! COOL RIGHT! Many popular brands are partnered with us! Let our sponsorship angels link you up to them!

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Everything we do, it’s All For U!

We know it’s hard getting supportive Sponsors & Vendors for your event. You will definitely get tonnes of rejections and worry about the vendor quality. That’s why we created AllForU to unite sponsors & vendors to simplify event planning for students.

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Camp Services
Orchestrating an Orientation camp is an art


Orientation camps are usually what most freshman look forward to! It is an event to not only have crazy fun, but to also bond with their course mates and seniors. And you as a camp leader needs to create this experience for your campers.



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The greatest challenge you will face as event organisers are:

  • Spending 3-4 months sending personalised emails to list of companies.
  • Unresponsive corporate sponsors.
  • Rejection of sponsorship requests by corporates.
  • You did not get the sponsorship item that you want. 
  • Having to manage many different expectations from different corporate sponsors.

But here at AllForU, we aim to:

  • Match you at least 5-8 sponsors within 2 days.
  • One point of contact and communication.
  • One point of collection for multiple sponsorship.

Click here to view all the product sponsors and items we can match to your event.

The greatest challenge you will face as event organisers are:

  • Prizes are hard to obtain due to the high retail value. 
  • Companies are less willing to sponsor high-value items to events.

But here at AllForU, we aim to:

  • Match you at least 3-5 prize sponsors within 2 working days.
  • One point of contact and communication.
  • One point of collection for multiple sponsorships

Click here to view all the Prizes sponsors and items we can match to your event.

  • One point of collection for multiple sponsorship.

We understand that participant’s apparels are one of the major expense within the event. Hence, we  do have some sponsors that are willing to provide cash sponsorships to subsidise your cost.

Click Here To Read More – How can you get your event shirts free by creating a free club membership account on AllForU portal.

Click Here To Connect with sponsors on AllForU portal.

We know it is confusing and you find it hard to decide which apparel and merchandize vendor to use? Or even, is your current vendor giving you the best package/promotions.

Here at AllForU, we are committed to sourcing the best vendor that provides what you require at the best price. About 8 out of 10 event organisers who approached AllForU Portal use our vendors simply due to bulk order discounts and additional freebies you can receive.

Connect With Us On Telegram @afu_so to ask for an instant quotation

Are you looking to spice up your event with some adrenaline rushing activities such as Team-Based Laser Tag Matches or Individual Carnival Styled Laser Booth

Click Here to find out how you can request free sessions for your event.

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Chester Lim
Chester LimNTU Hall 1 JCRC
Read More
Thanks you AllForU and Sansesan for sponsoring Hall of Residence 1's welfare pack! TaoKaeNoi, Salmon skin and chocolates really made the welfare pack amazing! I can vouch that some of us even feel that this is the best welfare pack we have received thus far, and its many thanks to AllForU and Sansesan! Really hope that we'll be able to work with AllForU again, 100% recommend!
Tee Jian Hong
Tee Jian HongNTU Shitoryu Karate Club
Read More
I'm so glad I signed up for Allforu when I was still the Publicity Director for NTU Shitoryu Karate Club last year! It was such a brilliant idea to bring together all the smaller clubs and societies to help our sponsors increase their reach, while of course at the same time, enjoy some really useful and cool stuffs from the sponsors! We can't wait to let our members try out the Hajima Crispy Salmon Skin and Taokaenoi Tom Yum Seafood Seaweed 😙 Thanks Allforu for making our finals more bearable...with delicious snacks! Look forward to collaborate with you guys for future events. Cheers
Hui Ning Thian
Hui Ning ThianNTU MAE
Read More
Thank You AllforU for sponsoring us. The sponsor made our event a huge success! Best sponsors ever! They can give so much and ask for reasonable in return. They can also provide a wide variety of sponsors. Clear with the terms and condition as well. Highly recommended.
Aidan Wong
Aidan WongNUS Civil and Environmental Engineering
Read More
I am Aidan, the Project Director for the NUS Civil and Environmental Engineering Freshmen Orientation Camp. We had many issues finding vendors and sponsors for our camp, uptil the month of January (6 months before our camp date), which was when we got in touch with AllforU through a recomendation by a friend. They were able to help us get multiple products for our Freshmen Pack as well as help us liaise with some of the cheapest vendors for our shirts and food. One of the best qualities was the prompt replies and the willingness to accomodate to our abrupt changes in requests closer to our camp date.
Jason Li
Jason LiNUS EnginOWeek
Read More
A big thank you for making EnginOweek a success. We were still looking for sponsors a few months before the camp. We then chanced upon allforu. They were a big HELP to us, which in turn made the camp a success
Chelsea Roh
Chelsea RohNUS Business Flag
Read More
Thank you for sponsoring NUS Business Flag. We got in touch with AllforU on May 28 as they were recommended by NUS Business Camp and it was our first time working with them. The representative of AllForU was really patient, easy to work with and extremely responsive. Eventhough they had a really tight deadline to match us with the products we needed, they were able to pull it off with amazing sponsorships. This really helped us as we were encountering slow response and lack of sponsorship. AllForU were able to provide us with tote bags, food vendors, snacks as well as prizes. It was way more fast and efficient and the quality of goods we got were way better. We have never used such a platform before but we really felt like the matching speed was extremely fast, the customer service was top notch and the quality of products were great and on top of that it was super convenient on our end. Will definitely work with them again and recommend to friends.
Wei Yi
Wei YiNUS d'Hoppers
Read More
AllForU is a great sponsorship platform that not only provides a wide range of sponsorship products, but also helped our club source for great and affordable catering services. Thank you AllForU for providing NUS d’Hoppers welfare packs for our concert dancers! Will definitely recommend AllForU to any clubs interested in getting sponsorship products!
Alton Cheah
Alton CheahNTU Ureca Club
Read More
AllForU is an excellent sponsorship discovery platform that connects event organizers and clubs with a variety of sponsorship opportunities. The platform offers a wide range of sponsorship options, and the helpdesk staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Although the platform could benefit from some improvements to its ease of use, it provides a valuable resource for users looking to secure funding and resources for their events. Overall, I would highly recommend AllForU to anyone in need of sponsorship for their events or clubs.

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