Adobe Illustrator Masterclass (Min 40 licenses)


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Companies love to hire versatile individuals who understands and can contribute to projects that stretches beyond their knowledge domain. We seek to create a multi-functional individual who have a vast experience in skillsets outside of his domain mastery.

Course Introduction

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals is a short course to designing graphics using Adobe Illustrator. The course orientates the participants to the workspace and importation process of different types of graphics. It touches on basic layering and drawing tools, blend modes and integrating text for visual appeal.

This is extremely useful when you are designing your club shirt, flyers and materials.

Course Objective

This course aims to equip participants with the necessary fundamental vector creation skills to take on entry level graphics designer roles. By the end of the course, participants should be able to turn approved sketches or drafts and turn them into screen or print design outcomes.

Topics to be covered

1. Introduction
2. Document Setup and Artboards
3. Working with Layers
4. Drawing Tools
5. Vectoring
6. Typography
7. Tracing
8. Masking
9. Styles and Symbols
10. Exporting your High-Resolution Artwork

Suitable for

Fresh graduates looking to arm themselves with an additional skillsets that provides them an edge.

Club members looking to design your club shirt, flyers and materials.


What Is In This Package

  • 3 hours masterclass by experienced graphic designer instructor that seeks to build your fundamentals in Adobe Illustrator

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