Financial Literacy Workshop


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A workshop to discover Financial Empowerment through mentorship. Mentors hope to inspire the next generation of youth by sharing about their different career journeys, and the various pitfall and challenges they have to overcome. Mentors will also share some information about the career prospects within the industry. Key elements embedded within the workshop include:

  • Money, source of income and career choice;
  • Financial responsibility and decision-making;
  • Money management and planning;
  • Savings and investment;
  • Credit and debt management;
  • Risk management, wealth protection and insurance.

Mentors from the insurance industry will be sharing with undergraduates the realities of working life, as well as the expectations of today’s employers. During the workshop, the students have the opportunity to learn more about the insurance business and career prospects within the industry.





To provide students with first-hand information on career advancement based on their degree.

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