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If you’re looking to enhance your education with a prestigious Ivy League institution to take your career to the next level, GetSmarter is the perfect partner for you. As a leading provider of executive education courses, GetSmarter collaborates with some of the most renowned universities in the world, including Harvard, Oxford, MIT, and LSE, to offer online certificate courses that can help transform your career prospects. These courses are designed to be flexible, allowing busy professionals to fit them into their schedules while still receiving expert-led instruction, comprehensive support, and a vibrant community of learners. In this article, we’ll explore how GetSmarter’s courses can help you advance your career, and what makes them stand out from other online education providers.

In this article, we are going to take you through all the steps necessary to discover courses, download course prospectus and register for the course.

Keep reading to find out how you can identify courses relevant to you.


Step 2a) Click “BROWSE SHORT COURSES” on the top tab.
Step 2b) You can identify if there are any suitable courses that you might be keen in.

At Getsmarter, they focuses their strategy on 3 main areas:

  1. Data-driven course selection
    Their longstanding expertise in market research, data analysis and business insights ensures that we select the most relevant courses for your future.
  2. Outcomes-based design
    Their career-focused curriculum harnesses a range of multimedia formats to optimise learning outcomes. This ensures that you complete a course with university verified skills that are relevant to your industry. Since their inception (2008) we’ve achieved a 90% completion rate.*
  3. People-mediated delivery
    Their courses are designed with professionals in mind and optimized to fit learning into your lifestyle. Each student is assigned a Success Adviser and is offered 24/7 assistance. This level of support has resulted in a 95% satisfaction rating during 2019.*

Something that I like about Getsmarter is that their programmes offered are from accredited universities such as LSE, Oxford, Harvard etc. This makes the certification obtained so much more valuable and recognisable by employers.


When you are browsing through each course page. You can click on the “GET COURSE PROSPECTUS” button and fill in your particulars. 

The university of interest will send you an email containing the course details and prospectus brochure almost immediately. You will be kept in their mailing list and kept updated on their latest programme development. Should you not be interested in the course later, you can choose to unsubscribe or change your subscription preference from their mailing list.


Great! Now that you have decided on the programme  you are interested in! Go ahead and click on the “REGISTER NOW” button found in the course overview page on GETSMARTER website. After which, there will be a guided onboarding process to facilitate your programme admission

Frequent Asked Questions

The bulk of the portfolio are non-accredited, but we do have a handful of courses that provide an accredited certificate, so this is course dependent

10-weeks is the maximum

No, GetSmarter courses are a premium product with personalized grading, feedback and engagement, unlike MOOCs. Every student is assigned a Success Adviser and is offered 24/7 assistance.

Testing is mainly in the form of graded assignments with deadlines rather than specific examinations and tests. Completion of course material is also checked to ensure students have completed all relevant learning materials.

The target audience of GetSmarter are mainly individuals from the age group of 18 to 55 years old, studying in university/have advanced degrees, and medium/high affluence. The courses are designed with professionals in mind and provide a career-focused curriculum that equips working professionals with the expertise required for the workplace.

Courses run with student cohorts and set presentations. The courses aren’t “live” necessarily. They’re pre-built in partnership with Universities and exist within a proprietary online learning platform. The support and assignment grading & feedback is live however, and that happens throughout the duration of each course presentation.

Prior to the start of each presentation, each registered student will receive all details required as well as instructions on the course structure, how to use the online learning platform, assignment due dates and how to submit work. Once the course starts the autonomy is handed to each student to use their time as they wish, provided they adhere to key milestone deadlines – like assignment submissions.

Exceptional course design is something that GetSmarter pride themselves in and is a key differentiating factor when viewed against other competitors. They use a range of digital formats from video to fully interactive multimedia formats. The courses should be enjoyable, and a lot of energy comes through in the engagement within the student cohort itself in each course presentation. A strong sense of community is fostered as students discuss and answer key questions together on their subject matter, which is actively moderated by the course faculty. This engagement and the networking opportunities that follow are a big value-add and both contribute significantly to the learning experience for each course offered.

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