Mothers day gift ideas

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With mothers day coming around next week and many online deals going on right now (since we can’t go out and shop with the COVID situation), it might be hard to decide on what to get for your mom or any special woman in your life. Fret not, we’ve got some great ideas on what you could get this upcoming mothers day. Including those that don’t cost** a thing!

**cost may vary

For the one that loves cooking

Mobile or tablet holder

phone holder
Photo taken from Shopee

Ok technically this can be used anywhere. But it is especially useful when they need to refer to recipes online and theres something to help them hold while they cook or bake. Even if its not going to be used in the kitchen ,it still can be used anywhere else. this is in it for the long run.

Pretty plates or tableware

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If they made something impressive and want to level up even further, they can add well designed tableware to it. Having gorgeous tableware will impress guests when they come over and on social media.

Helpful kitchen gadgets

chop board
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Help them make their lives easier with different kitchen gadgets. There’s different kinds of gadgets online. For example, the one in the picture is a 2-in-1 Chopping Board where the user can wash and drain their vegetables on one side and cut on the other. Getting kitchen gadgets can help them save time and even space.

For the foodie or snacker

emergency stash box

moms emergency stash mothers day
Photo from Craftymorning.com

Get a snack stash for them and fill it up with small treats they love. Just get a tackle box or an organizing box and fill it up with snacks. You can top it off with a handmade card to label it. Now, they can have a bite whenever the munchies are coming! This is a simple yet thoughtful gift.

Subscription box

846027f9ea562bd7effd8b0a6ed1280208 brazil 2020.rhorizontal.w600
Photo from universalyums.com

If you don’t know what kind of food to get, or if you’re afraid you’ll get the wrong one, you can get a subscription box! There’s many kinds of subscription boxes out there which can range from face masks to makeup and of course food. There’s even subscription boxes that sell snacks from a specific country. Payment can either go by month or by year. This will definitely keep your mom happy for a very long time. You can also DIY your own subscription box!

Food delivery

food delivery concept healthy lunch in boxes JDAPFLN
Photo from evanto elements

You can also go the easy way and get food delivery for them. Now with the COVID-19 situation, dining out isn’t encouraged so delivery is the next best option. There’s many food delivery options and discounts going around right now that you’ll never run out of choices or a huge hole in your wallet.

For the shopper

Gift cards or vouchers

takashimaya vm50
Photo from Giftano
363024 10 2
Photo from CottonOn

Know their favourite place to shop but don’t know what kind of things they like? Give them the gift of shopping! All you need to do is to get a gift card or voucher and top up with the required amount of money and you’re good to go! There’s gift cards and vouchers of all categories so you can never run out of options. 

tote bag

Photo from Shopee

When they go shopping , they probably need a bag to carry their goods right? Giving them a tote bag that they can stash it in their handbag will be useful when they have their shopping trips and it will be environmentally friendly. There’s many tote bag designs being sold, and if you want to make it extra special , you can also customize it.

For when YOU want to make your gift extra special or if you’re having the DIY vibes

If you still don’t know what kind of gifts to get or if you want to save some money, there’s many DIY gifts you can make. Personally, pinterest is the place to go to find DIY gifts. Some simple DIY gifts include bath bombs , photo box , gift box with their favourite things , marbled mugs  or a handmade gift card.

If you feel like creating something more higher level, you can try making these: 

With all these ideas, we hope you could get something special for your mom. Of course, no matter the gift, we’re sure they’ll appreciate it. After all, it’s the thought that counts. 

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