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Studying for university or college can be stressful, and providing welfare packs or gifts makes students feel like someone cares for them and this in turn will make them more motivated to work harder. But often times, clubs dont know what to prepare for students other than snacks. So here are 5 must have welfare items that will attract students. And even you yourself might not resist!



For all you outdoor sports people, this one is for you. You want to get the Vitamin D with the sunlight and that nice tan. But we know you don’t want it to become a burn and being exposed to the sun for a long period might lead to skin cancer.

In fact, each year there are more cases of skin cancer than cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, and colon combined! So yes, you do need that sunscreen. And for those who aren’t sports people , you need it for your beach day or when you go out. You might be exposed to a long period of time and it will lead to quicker aging and nobody wants that!

2.soap sachets

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Okay, you must be thinking, who gives soap as welfare for students? But have you ever thought, what if you went for camp but forgot to bring soap or your soap bottle is too big? Or what if you go travelling and you exceed the limit on your carry on bags? That’s where the soap sachets comes in. Those small slim sachets will make you smell good and occupy minimal space in your bag


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Although most students are writing their notes on their laptops but sometimes you need a notebook to write down things when students go for meetings or when they just dont want to bring your laptop or they didn’t have it with them. Notebooks are light which makes it easy to carry around and scientifically, writing things down helps one to remember things better!


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There are many reasons why providing vouchers are better than providing food. One, they don’t take up that much space. Two, they don’t spoil as fast as snacks or food (eg: doughnuts / sandwiches) so the students can keep it for another day. Three, they can be environmentally friendly (especially if they’re e-vouchers) and lastly, they’re easy to pass it to someone else if the student does not want it. So, does a voucher sound good to you now?

5.energy boost snacks

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A student shouldn’t go hungry when they’re studying but sometimes when the classes gets too crammed or when there is deadlines to rush to, students might forget to eat. Energy boost snacks or grab and go bars can help a lot and it can keep their hunger pangs away. No more worrying about your meals and studies!

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