French Roast Signature Blend

3in1 Instant Coffee Pouch 19g

The classique French Coffee of Café Au Lait (Milk Coffee) is roasted till ‘second crack for a full-bodied coffee flavor and aroma. Frenché Roast Signature Blend with its robust and darker brew tastes just like creamy, freshly brewed coffee with bitter sweet notes at the end.

Enjoy the premium, darker, richer and a more robust freshly brewed coffee experience with café quality at home, office, anywhere and anytime in a convenient single sachet.

What makes Frenché Roast so rich, robust and full of life?

• Superior French Roasting Technique

• Freeze Dried and Microground Technology

• Premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans

• Innovative Iced French Latte

• Gourmet Flavours. Available in 4 variants

• Convenient single serve stick packs

• Halal certified

Le Roast

The secret lies in the ‘second crack’. Using only premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, we take time to roast our beans in traditional French technique to achieve the ‘second crack’. This fully releases the oil inside the coffee beans to create a subtle smoky and intense flavor with bittersweet tones.

Le Process

Next, the coffee extract are Freeze Dried at -40ºC to seal in their natural flavor and aroma before being Microground in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment. The result? Mmm…. Freshly roasted brew that captures the French Joie de Vivre spirit. Magnifique!

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