VSEA Mouthwash Travel Pack

Introducing VSEA Fruit Mouthwash – the perfect solution to freshen your breath and protect your teeth. This mouthwash is made with rich plant extract vitamins that help improve gum resistance and promote oral health.

Infused with Japanese persimmon fruit polyphenols, VSEA Fruit Mouthwash provides long-lasting fresh breath by decomposing breath sulfide molecules. With just one rinse, you can achieve a fresh and good mouth, making it easy to carry and refresh your breath anytime, anywhere. This mouthwash also helps protect your teeth and prevent tooth decay. Simply take one 10ml piece, tear along the curve of the bag, and rinse your mouth for 60 seconds before spitting it out. No need to rinse with water afterward. Keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthy with VSEA Fruit Mouthwash.

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