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#2: Trust Bank: A Digital Banking Revolution with $1 Billion Milestone

Since its launch on September 1, 2022, Trust Bank has swiftly captured attention as a pioneering digital bank in Singapore. With an impressive $1 billion in deposits and a customer base of 500,000, Trust Bank operates solely through mobile phones, offering unmatched accessibility. Owned 60% by Standard Chartered Bank and 40% by NTUC Enterprise and FairPrice Group, Trust Bank has harnessed this unique partnership to seamlessly integrate banking services with FairPrice Group’s ecosystem, including the widely acclaimed Link Rewards program. Beyond accessibility and collaboration, Trust Bank also offers curated deals, savings accounts, credit cards, and comprehensive family personal accident insurance. Experience the future of banking with Trust Bank’s innovative products and services.

#3: Banking Made Simple: Trust Bank's Secure and User-Friendly App!

Experience banking made effortless with Trust Bank’s intuitive app, available exclusively on the Trust Bank SG mobile application from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Sign-up is a breeze, utilizing MyInfo for swift registration. The app, supporting English and Mandarin languages, guarantees security through multi-factor authentication and is compatible with a single smartphone and phone number. Boosting security further, the Trust Key employs a 6-digit PIN for high-risk transactions. Enjoy an industry-first numberless card, enhanced control over your card’s status, and simplified expense tracking with instant notifications for all account activities. Stay on top of bonus rewards effortlessly using the app’s real-time tracker, ensuring you never miss out on savings. Trust Bank’s app combines convenience with robust security for seamless banking.

#4: Maximize Your Savings with Trust Bank's High-Interest Account

Elevate your savings effortlessly with Trust Bank’s account designed for anyone 18 and above. Enjoy a secured deposit up to $75,000 through the Deposit Insurance Scheme. With no fees for account opening and maintenance, this savings account offers simplicity at its best.

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly, allowing your funds to grow. Union members can benefit from an exceptional interest rate of up to 2.5% p.a. on the initial $50,000, while non-union members can earn up to 2.00% p.a. on the first $75,000.

Unlock bonus interest by making 5 eligible VISA purchases using your Trust card. For balances above $75,000, both groups earn 0.05% p.a. Deposits are easy through bank transfers (FAST) or PayNow. Cash withdrawals are a breeze from Trust/Standard Chartered Bank ATMs and Visa-enabled overseas ATMs, with a $2,000 cap per transaction. Maximize your savings strategy with Trust Bank today.

#5: Streamline Your Wallet with Trust's All-in-One Credit Card

Embrace convenience with Trust Bank’s innovative credit card, serving as both a credit and debit card. This eco-friendly ocean plastic card streamlines your wallet, eliminating the need for multiple cards. Enjoy this versatile solution without recurring fees—no annual, foreign transaction, cash advance, or card replacement fees.

Boost rebates on FairPrice group spending by opting for Trust’s credit card. Be aware that while foreign transaction fees are waived, a late payment charge of $100 applies if the minimum amount is missed. Cash advances accrue daily finance charges at 0.074% (equivalent to 26.9% p.a.) until cleared.

Trust’s credit card empowers you to set your credit limit and repayment date upfront—a groundbreaking feature. Stay on top of payments with customizable reminders. Simplify spending and gain control with Trust Bank’s dual-function credit card.

#6: Unlock Trust Credit Card Benefits: Eligibility and Supplementary Options

Considering the Trust credit card? Eligibility spans ages 21 to 55, with an annual income requirement of $30,000 for Singapore citizens/permanent residents and $60,000 for foreign workers. At 55, the figures shift slightly to $15,000 and $60,000, respectively.

[Update]: Current Trust credit cardholders with a $1,000+ credit limit can now add a Trust supplementary cardholder, provided they have a Trust savings account and no other credit card. This partnership pools rewards, with supplementary card spending counting toward the main cardholder’s minimum spending and Linkpoints. Explore Trust’s credit card possibilities and supplementary perks today.

#7: Discover Trust Card Rewards and Linkpoints Benefits

Experience the perks of Trust’s credit and debit cards, delivering a host of rewards that elevate your shopping experience. NTUC Union members, paying an annual fee of $117, enjoy amplified advantages, while all users reap the benefits of the Linkpoints system. Spend just $1 at FairPrice Group outlets to earn 0.50 linkpoints (or $2 for 1 linkpoint) with no minimum spend required. Redeem $1 in-store credit with 100 linkpoints, transforming rebates into savings.

Explore Trust’s credit and debit card rewards, including up to 20% off, a 17% upfront discount on Caltex petrol, and various merchant discounts spanning F&B, taxi fares, and mobile plans. The pinnacle of advantages lies in Linkpoints rebates, soaring up to 21% for Union members (11% for debit) and up to 15% (5% for debit) for non-union members—revised quarterly.

Familiarize yourself with key terms:

  • Base Rate: Unlimited savings on FPG and eligible spend.
  • Monthly Bonus: Added rebate for FPG spend upon meeting minimum monthly spend outside FPG.
  • Quarterly Bonus: Bonus rebate for FPG spend after 3 consecutive months of meeting monthly minimum spend outside FPG.
  • FairPrice Annual Member Bonus: Yearly rebate for Union members on FPG groceries. Explore Trust cards’ rewards-rich landscape today.

#8: Get Rewarded: Trust Card Sign-Up Offer

Embark on your Trust card journey today and enjoy an exclusive reward, available at the point of this article’s writing. Upon signing up, receive a $25 Fairprice E-Voucher—whether you make your first card spend (no minimum spend) or deposit your initial $500 into the savings account. Remember to check the Trust Bank website for the latest promotions. Seize this chance to start your Trust card experience with instant rewards.

** Disclaimer: The promotional details provided in this article are accurate as of its writing on 23rd August 2023. Please note that promotions and offers may change over time. We recommend visiting the Trust Bank website for the most up-to-date information on ongoing promotions. Our goal is to provide accurate and helpful content, but due to the dynamic nature of promotions, we encourage readers to verify the latest details directly from the source to ensure you have the latest and most accurate information.

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