How AllForU can help in your sponsorship effort?

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After reading and knowing the basics of event sponsorship, you’re probably thinking that there’s a lot to do , from searching and pitching. Sometimes you might not even get the sponsor’s approval and you will be back to square 1. Certain sponsorships might even need you to pay which is something you wouldn’t want to do when looking for sponsorships. If you haven’t read the resources yet, click here. 

However, you can brush off all these worries with AllForU! We can help you find the sponsorships you need for your event and no it doesn’t matter what the event size is, we can still help you secure it. It just takes a few minutes to apply with us and we will find you the sponsor you need for your event. The best part? It’s FREE. YES, FREE. 

We have 5 years of expertise, which might seem like a short period of time, but we have helped close to 300 clubs and students from schools like NUS, NTU, SMU and various polytechnics. We have helped 1000+ events and 65 committed sponsors with us, so you will never run out of options. 

Some of our happy customers. You can be like them

When you work with us, you get to track your order status, get rewarded, centralised pickup and sampling sessions (for food & clothes).

What if you don’t need sponsorships? Or you already have your own pool of sponsors to look for? We also provide food catering & apparel printing vendors for your event. We understand that your budget is limited, so we managed to secure a lower price for you by consolidating your purchase with the universities and polytechnics! So you can enjoy the great quality at lower cost at the same time! Plus, we’ll always keep you updated when there’s extra freebies for you to grab from the vendors (free stuff, why not right?). That is really something our student leaders are looking forward to every single time.

In case you get confused, AllForU is here to supplement and beef up your event with awesome sponsorships and vendors. But we highly encourage you to try reaching out to sponsors independently as well. To facilitate that, we have catered some blogs that will be relevant in getting you up to speed with the topics below.

What are you waiting for? Achieve your dream event with us now! Click on the button to apply!

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